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Marketing Keywords to Know: September 12, 2013

What do you find most interesting about Generation Alpha versus your generation? Continue reading »

Marketing Keywords to Know: August 29, 2013

Why wouldn’t you want everyone to know about your business? Here are three reasons to consider a soft launch over a traditional, no-holds-barred, marketing-frenzied hard launch: Continue reading »

Advertise your own business – use the domain of your website in your email address. Google, Yahoo and Microsoft make enough money.

This is because all of these relationships have taught you something. Hopefully, you were paying close attention to the behavior and characteristics of your most difficult clients this year, and it will be easier to pinpoint these warning signs in the future when you meet others.

Here’s what you need to know about your website traffic BEFORE committing to a social media strategy:

Wait, what? Does this challenge everything you’ve been taught and have learned about entrepreneurship? It’s all a competition and you need to work harder, better, faster, stronger to emerge victorious in the end, right?

I mean with Facebook being such a big deal eight years down the road and Twitter not upping the character limit on tweets and Google spending millions of dollars (or your pay-per-click campaign pennies) on commercials to get more people to use Google+, I would have never imagined that graphs and charts with words could help you get the word out about your company!

Knead to Rise is a six-week marketing course made especially for start-up entrepreneurs and existing small business owners on a very small budget. This course is taught in-person to make live connections between the new business owners and the expert instructors who can drive their success.

National Small Business Week – Friday’s Tip

YES, brand loyalty is still alive and kicking. And while the economy has not recovered completely, customers and businesses are still spending money on items that are most important to them. Want an example? Continue reading »

Small Business Week 2011 – Thursday’s Tip

Well…that depends. A savvy marketing agency can assist you with identifying the best options for your business based on your goals and your budget. Here are some examples: Continue reading »