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The Power of Marketing Communication – Week 4

This is one of the most popular questions in the Chicagoland area every weekday. Over 10,000 people wait for Tiffany Kurtz to answer this question each morning, and then they can resume their daily schedules. So what is Big Blue? It’s a van that travels the downtown Chicago area each week, filled with the most delicious cupcakes around. With a simple business model and about 15,000 Facebook & Twitter followers in her first year of business, Kurtz explains that social media is the best way to promote a business. Continue reading »

The Power of Marketing Communication – Week 3

What to wear, what to wear? It’s a common dilemma for fashionable ladies. We scour the pages of Vogue and InStyle to learn what to wear and how to wear it – only to run into a friend/co-worker/fashion rival with the same attire. If you live in Chicago, you now have a new source for unique fashion…read on to learn more! Continue reading »

Need to get organized? You’re in the right place! Check out Week 2′s interview with Pooja Gugnani, President of Organizing With You. She promises to simplify your life through her passion for organization!

The one question you should never have to ask is, “Do I need to work with a professional to create a strong brand presence through marketing communication?” because the answer is always a resounding ‘YES’!

As I close out this month’s series about effective resumes, I would like to introduce you to an innovative new service, DoYouBuzz. With the tagline, “The NextGen Resume”, it will not be long before all generations visit this site to enhance their resume.

Expand Your Inner Circle to Succeed In Business

We discussed everything from pitfalls that new entrepreneurs may experience without the support of others to identifying the one thing that will keep you on track and make your business successful instantly. Enjoy! Continue reading »