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I get annoyed when people slip business cards, flyers, Rolodex inserts and laminated photos above the deadbolt in my office doors overnight. I don’t want your cleaning services, I don’t need your propaganda and I damn sure can’t use your SEO ranking secrets.

Wait, what? Does this challenge everything you’ve been taught and have learned about entrepreneurship? It’s all a competition and you need to work harder, better, faster, stronger to emerge victorious in the end, right?

Duh, we know it’s growing. But why? What makes Pinterest so popular?

The news world has been buzzing this week about the Instagram deal for $1 billion, but many of us have overlooked the big story here – and it’s that Facebook is starting to lose in the social media world.

Still at a loss about how to engage people via your social media profiles?

Small business owners have taken on the personalities of Jennifer Lopez, Lady Gaga, Kanye West and Justin Bieber because they are burying information, too…on their websites. We call it the “Celebrity Rider Effect”.

The omniscient Siri has stolen Google’s spotlight. She will find you a four-star restaurant within a 10 mile radius of you (if it exists), remind you to pick up your kids from soccer practice and only refer to your as “Dr. Fancy Pants” if you command her to do so. Google didn’t like that.

Stop it! As much as paid search campaigns can temporarily reposition your company’s presence in search results, your business is not temporary. If you are in business for the long haul, you need to focus on a sustainable approach to keeping your business name visible.

Wake up everyone! It’s the same thing as a “1-Day Sale” that all your favorite retailers push out at least six times every year. There’s nothing really exciting about an extra day in the winter every four years, except lots of unnecessary giveaways, pseudo discounts and sick employees on March 1st who overindulged in the “all you can drink” specials at various bars.

I mean with Facebook being such a big deal eight years down the road and Twitter not upping the character limit on tweets and Google spending millions of dollars (or your pay-per-click campaign pennies) on commercials to get more people to use Google+, I would have never imagined that graphs and charts with words could help you get the word out about your company!