Pour – Marketing Success Starts with the Right Ingredients

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All this in under 100 pages, you will keep this book close by at all times! Tell your friends and colleagues to get their own copy, this book is too valuable to lend out.

The Platinum Award is presented to less than 20% of the entries, and represents the organization’s highest honor.

The news world has been buzzing this week about the Instagram deal for $1 billion, but many of us have overlooked the big story here – and it’s that Facebook is starting to lose in the social media world.

This is an excerpt from “Pour – Marketing Success Starts with the Right Ingredients”. ENGAGEMENT – “I want you” If there’s something you really want, nothing can stop you from getting access to it. Remember my story about the Easy Bake Oven when I was eight? The idea of being able to bake individual cakes …

Imagine if Wile E. Coyote purchased these items and they backfired on him today. Would he detail his experiences on Facebook, or Twitter or would he chalk it up as another loss? What would this do to the credibility of the Acme brand?

Likewise, when marketing a business, you also need to start with the right ingredients to win over your audience. There are three steps to follow. You can remember them by the acronym ECE – Exposure, Credibility and Engagement.