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As I close out this month’s series about effective resumes, I would like to introduce you to an innovative new service, DoYouBuzz. With the tagline, “The NextGen Resume”, it will not be long before all generations visit this site to enhance their resume.

Wouldn’t you rather know what people are saying about you than not? Gain control of your internet presence by creating professional social media profiles (or at least learn how to update your privacy controls).

Not having much luck landing a full-time job? Start freelancing! Here are some of the benefits of freelancing while waiting on your ideal position to become available:

Use your cover letter to reinforce the skills you have that match the job requirements and explain additional details that the recruiter should take into account when reviewing your resume.

This month, I’ll provide a special tip in each blog post to help increase your chances of interviewing for a job in a tough economy and answer the question, do you need a resume to get a job?