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Marketing Keywords to Know: May 2, 2013

It’s free advertising from pre-teens with iPhones Continue reading »

And I need Graph Search, why?

What are your local favorites that can outshine the better-known brands any day?

Whether you just need confirmation that you’re on the right track when it comes to marketing your business or you’re just starting out and you could benefit from expert guidance on a small budget, you have twelve opportunities this month to participate.

Fan conversion occurs when motivation is high, value is identifiable, and when offered incentives are perceived as easily attainable and advantageous.

Stop it! As much as paid search campaigns can temporarily reposition your company’s presence in search results, your business is not temporary. If you are in business for the long haul, you need to focus on a sustainable approach to keeping your business name visible.

For everyone who is an administrator of a Facebook Page for business, you may have noticed a little note at the top of your screen this morning:

I mean with Facebook being such a big deal eight years down the road and Twitter not upping the character limit on tweets and Google spending millions of dollars (or your pay-per-click campaign pennies) on commercials to get more people to use Google+, I would have never imagined that graphs and charts with words could help you get the word out about your company!

So we can ignore the rumblings in our tummies, “5-hour energy ourselves” into an existence somewhere between “perkiness” and “narcolepsy” and feign a headache, but we are powerless to the allure of motivational infographics and being the first to comment “That’s what she said!” on our friend’s posts?

It’s a quick read and perfect for everyone who is just starting out with this social media platform. Enjoy!