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Why Smart Companies Hire FBC for Marketing

Marketing is not a fringe benefit. It could be your lifeline. Continue reading »

It takes two minutes and $0 to support this effort – we appreciate your attention!

Knead to Rise is a six-week marketing course made especially for start-up entrepreneurs and existing small business owners on a very small budget. This course is taught in-person to make live connections between the new business owners and the expert instructors who can drive their success.

A number of businesses all over the nation are struggling because they are running out of operating capital to keep their businesses going. Some companies cannot afford to hold onto their employees. Others are stuck in a rut because they can’t get enough funding to progress to the next level. What is an entrepreneur to do?

Protecting Your Creative Brand – MillerCoors & DraftFCB

Bad press is not easy to cover up, and the agency’s remaining clients are starting to get nervous, which leads me to the interest in today’s article and MillerCoors’ response to the layoffs at Draft: Continue reading »

James Brown said this is a man’s world back in 1966, and while women have made a great deal of progress in the business world, it still remains heavily populated by men…except in one area.

Expand Your Inner Circle to Succeed In Business

We discussed everything from pitfalls that new entrepreneurs may experience without the support of others to identifying the one thing that will keep you on track and make your business successful instantly. Enjoy! Continue reading »