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Marketing Keywords to Know: June 20, 2013

How will you adjust your online marketing strategy if most of your clients install cookie-blocking add-ons? Continue reading »

For everyone who is an administrator of a Facebook Page for business, you may have noticed a little note at the top of your screen this morning:

I know, I’m a little late to jump on the Pinterest train, but I love it! Some people would venture to ask, “Why do I need another social network?”, but you really don’t need another social network, you need a bookmark tool for images…and recipes…and shoes…and decorative items.

Knead to Rise is a six-week marketing course made especially for start-up entrepreneurs and existing small business owners on a very small budget. This course is taught in-person to make live connections between the new business owners and the expert instructors who can drive their success.

Trending Now: What Business Owners Need to Know About Google+

Do you have questions about Google+? I figured you did. In no particular order, here are the top 4 questions I have received from business owners about Google+. Continue reading »

Trending Now: Personalized Tabs on Facebook

Which application on the internet allows you to shop for clothing, place a catering order and watch the newest Lady Gaga videos all in one? Yep, that would be Facebook. Businesses (and public figures) are able to achieve these new levels of fan interaction due to the fine addition of personalized tabs. Continue reading »

Trending Now: The Multimedia Press Release

If you think that being a journalist, writer or public relations professional makes you exempt from having to learn technology, good luck on keeping your job this year. Newspapers and magazines can be read from cover to cover with swipe of your index finger on an iPad and plain text articles with static photos will no longer do. Continue reading »

How do people find your blog? Are you listed on a blog site? Are you using targeted keywords in your posts? Are you participating in affiliate marketing? Whatever you are doing to promote your blog, Twitter can expand your exposure on a brand new level.

Trending Now: A/B Email Newsletter Testing

Do you test the level of engagement for your email campaigns? This means, do you know why people are opening or not opening your email newsletters? If you only have one version of your email newsletter going out, you may never know! Continue reading »

James Brown said this is a man’s world back in 1966, and while women have made a great deal of progress in the business world, it still remains heavily populated by men…except in one area.