NEW! How to Become a Divergent Thinker

How do you extend beyond creative thinking into divergent thinking ?

Answer the following question:


If you said “clockwise”, you are correct.
If you said “counterclockwise”, you are also correct.

This test measures the dominance of your left-brain (clockwise) or right-brain (counterclockwise) creativity.
However, divergent thinkers utilize their whole brain .

With busy calendars that are filled with endless appointments, meetings and deadlines, when can we plan to develop our best ideas? Very few people actually schedule time to think, create and invent. However, those that do are the ones that make history, such as Steve Jobs, Coco Chanel, Nikki Giovanni and Albert Einstein.

Divergent Thinkers

Would you like to make history someday? Register for a private training session with our CEO & Founder Lauren Young, who will teach you to think creatively like Steve Jobs, Coco Chanel, Nikki Giovanni and Albert Einstein through challenges that measure divergent thinking in four categories:

  • Fluency – how many uses you can find for an item
  • Originality – how uncommon those uses are
  • Flexibility – how quickly you can shift between challenges
  • Elaboration – level of detail in your responses/solutions

Become a divergent thinker to emerge as a leader in your industry. Inquire about your training session today by filling out the short and sweet form below!


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