What’s the deal with social media? What will businesses gain from using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Pinterest?

Social media has emerged as the smart way to promote a business effectively on a shoestring budget. No matter your product, service or social cause, you have an enthusiastic audience willing to listen to your updates and promote your business to their inner circle. If you need assistance with planning your social media strategy, FBC will review your marketing goals and your industry trends before deciding whether Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ , Twitter, Pinterest or a blog would be appropriate for your business. We can then create and serve as the lead copywriters for your social media accounts to establish a loyal customer base!

If your professional association or marketing team could use a guided tutorial on the best methods to apply social media to your business, we invite you to register for our "sweet suite" of marketing training courses - Knead to Rise !

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“Her content was easy to understand, informative and provided logical direction to implement or enhance the use of social networking initiatives to provide credibility and promote businesses.”

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