Take the Brand Strength Test®

It’s time to give people a reason to stop stalling…
…and start buying from you.

People buy on three occasions:


    1. On a whim – not sustainable
    2. On a budget – not profitable
    3. On a recommendation – your goal!

Only the strongest brands are recommended to friends and family members. Where do you start to measure the power of your company’s influence? Is it strong enough to motivate people to buy?

The FBC Brand Strength Test ® is a 75-question assessment answers the following questions:

    • How memorable is your brand?
    • Where do the people who need you look for you?
    • Will your products/services eliminate pain or create gain ?
    • Does your target audience perceive your business in the way you want it to be seen?

Upon completion of the assessment, a detailed branding plan will be prepared. This outline will explain the marketing communication efforts needed to accurately promote your business, so that you can reinforce your brand and increase your sales revenue sooner.

To sign up for the Brand Strength Test ® , please complete the following form. A member of our Creative Staff will contact you within 24-48 hours.
Thank you!

Q & A

Q1: I’ve not done anything like this before. What can I expect from this assessment?

You can expect clarity in regards to which marketing approach will work for your business, and which ones will not help you reach your goals. Also, you will receive a one-page marketing communication outline that lists the marketing efforts you should start with today, what to do 3 months from now, 6 months from now, and so on.

Q2: I’ve spent money on all the wrong types of marketing before. How is this different?

This is an actual marketing communication plan based on your own responses to some unique questions. Some of these questions you have probably thought about before; some of these questions will be brand new and thought provoking. If you have never built an official marketing plan before, this is the perfect opportunity to have one customized for you from marketing consultants who have extensive in B2B and B2C companies from just about every industry you can imagine.

Q3: I’m on a limited budget. Is this something I can afford?

If you can afford to become a business owner, you can afford to take the Brand Strength Test! How could you turn down the opportunity to receive insight from marketing experts who have helped a business owner just like you avoid spending thousands of dollars on the wrong tactics to promote their business? See a list of those smart business owners here .

Q4: What type of results come from taking the Brand Strength Test?

  • Confirmation of your questions and concerns about marketing your business
  • A solid marketing communication plan, that when followed, has grown businesses quickly AND sustainably
  • Relief. You can turn your business around in 15 minutes. It’s not too late!

Schedule your Brand Strength Test today!


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